Most people have heard the adage “you need a strong foundation” to build any successful project. But just how important is an actual foundation when it comes to building a house. Turns out, it’s the more important part of the project. The house foundation is what the entire structure rests on and what most of the technical aspects are housed in, so making sure it’s done right is a huge job. There’s also a lot more to it than just marking out a square and pouring cement. There are different types, parts, and even the soil used matters to make sure it’s stable.

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The main purpose of a foundation is to carry the weight of a house. It’s like the Greek myth of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders. This slab of concrete also provides a level surface on which the floor and walls can be built. No one wants to live in a house that’s slanted, not to mention the issues a homeowner will have if the walls start to separate from the foundation and leave cracks for water or possibly animals to get into. It even picks up the wood that makes the walls and frame of the house off the ground so things like termites can’t make a home there and damage the property. For all these reasons, it’s important to calculate and construct a foundation that can carry the weight of a home and protect the material it’s made of.


Not all homes are built on the same type of foundation. In fact, the type of foundation is often dependent on the terrain where the house is made. For example, pouring a concrete slab on a sandy beach wouldn’t be much good because the ground underneath it would always be shifting. For this job, or in places where flooding is an issue, houses can be built on large wooden or steel columns to keep them securely rooted in place and away from any potential water damage. Other houses looking to get off the ground, but not necessarily as high as on stilts, can build up a foundation out of bricks or stone to place them at a safe height to protect from flooding or animals that might be looking to sneak into their home.

You might not think twice about your home’s foundation, but it’s working hard every day to make sure your house is safe.

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