Businesses run on sales, and sales are acquired through customers. Without customers, a company has no chance of success regardless of what industry it is in.

Over the years, customer retention has been at the forefront of business leaders’ minds. It’s a well-known fact that retaining customer costs less than acquiring new ones, so the focus has been on retention. This focus has led many companies to improve their bottom line.

Though retention is an essential factor of success and should remain a priority, customer acquisition cannot be thrown to the side. Companies need new clients to stay successful.

It is true that some industries, such as construction, typically need more new clients than others. However, all companies need to put some effort into ongoing customer acquisition.

Challenges of B2B Customer Acquisition

Unfortunately, companies tend to face a couple of challenges with customer acquisition.

Lack of Time

Running a business takes a lot of work and energy. Most companies spend the majority of their time on daily operations and retaining the customers they already have.

There is little time or opportunity left to focus on acquisition. Doing so would mean taking vital time away from other tasks and would cause the business to suffer in different ways.

Finding Qualified Leads

Another challenge is finding qualified leads and locating the decision-makers. Even when businesses make it to those people, they do not always have the training and expertise to move the conversation to the next level.

Though customer acquisition brings a wide range of challenges, those listed above are two major obstacles.

Overcoming B2B Customer Acquisition Challenges

For years, companies have realized that outsourcing duties related to some of their biggest obstacles can produce excellent results. It has become common to outsource IT, hiring, content marketing, website management, and similar tasks. However, many companies do not yet know the results they can experience by utilizing B2B appointment setting companies.

B2B appointment setting companies can help you plow through the obstacles you face with customer acquisition through the following:

  • Locate prospective leads that might be interested in your product or service
  • Cold call leads and finds their way to the decision-makers of the company
  • Measure the interest and potential with each decision-maker
  • Set appointments with your salespeople if they identify the decision-maker as a qualified leader


B2B appointment setting companies take care of the extra steps to ensure your sales team ends up in front of potential customers. They save your company time, energy, and labor costs as you do not need an on-staff team for these tasks. When you are ready to focus more on customer acquisition, outsourcing B2B appointment setting can be a wise move for your company.

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