You have started to build your business and you have great products to sell. Here are some tips to get potential customers as excited about your e-commerce site as you are.

1. Write Great Product Descriptions

Every product on your website needs a description that is both positive and informative. Before you write them yourself, think about using a service like Firestarter to make sure that your content ranks high in search results and draws traffic to your website.

2. Keep it Organized and Easy To Search

Customers will expect a search bar at the top of your site if they are looking for something specific. It is also important to organize your products into easy-to-use categories and subcategories. If you own a handmade jewelry business, for example, you might want to have your jewelry organized by type (earrings, etc.) and then material (gold, silver, etc.). This way, customers will see many products that they might like at once, which will lead to higher sales.

3. Set Up a Contact Form and Live Chat

If your customers cannot get in touch with you quickly, they may become frustrated and shop somewhere else. While it is vital to have a customer service phone number, many shoppers want to communicate in writing instead. E-commerce website building services or Google Forms will allow you to set up a simple contact page where a customer can choose a category for their question and describe their problem. You should respond to the emails you receive through your contact form within 24 hours if possible (48 hours at the most). If you have the staff to handle a live chat, this is an even better option as customers will get fast resolutions to their problems and you will not have to sort through as many emails.

4. Make Sure Customers Can Leave Reviews

In your own online shopping, customer reviews may be a very important factor for you when deciding what products to purchase. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your site and/or Google. You will want to include reminders to customers to review your products in their purchase receipt, shipping confirmation and through a follow-up email a few days after they receive their items.

5. Make Checkout Easy

You should give your customers more than one payment option. You can accept credit and debit cards directly through your website and/or allow purchases through PayPal and other popular payment processors. Free shipping is very attractive to customers, and you can generate more sales by offering free shipping for purchases over a set amount.


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