A branding agency is like the hen that lays the golden eggs. Brand building is the art and the science of giving birth to brands with (thanks God) a difference that you can skillfully remake brands or so to speak undergo rebranding. One of the most important tasks of a branding agency is to think, use your head, plan and execute branding strategies for a specific target. It is not just doing advertising or publicity, no, it is a fantastic philosophy behind mere brand identity designs or brands and logos.Just like a seed cannot abruptly become a tree, same way, brand building can’t happen overnight not even in days or months. It is a process. This ongoing effort is a mathematical consequence of the establishment of a sustained long-term relationship that takes into consideration your target whether own end consumers till stakeholders, shareholders, etc.

It is not a beautiful or creative designs, it is the process of instilling a soul to an inert body. It is the process or placing a heart to a company or product. It is keeping a consisting beating of that heart or company’s brand in all the desired channels. It’s like a mirror where your customer is reflected, is the eternal magical giving-receiving flow that makes a good relation endure.Finding a holistic creative brand building view:Self-portrayal of the firm includes corporate culture, corporate identity and corporate brand. Perception of the firm includes the corporate image and the corporate reputation. Brand awareness and brand image are results of the brand knowledge which can eventually if done well, with the help of advertising, public relations, sponsoring, pricing, distribution and product policy, corporate design, corporate behavior as instruments can create awareness which in the same way can develop brand loyalty, brand commitment, purchasing intention, brand use, repurchase, frequency of purchase, proportion of expenditure, as external peremptory success, The end result is if done well and properly involving the whole management team, starting with the CEO: Good sales, market share, profitability, brand value (monetary), economic success/shareholder value!Top steps to success:

First step is to define who is your target.

Second step, work on your logo,

Third step, hack the growth by an on-the-go reinventing as much as you can, analytics and data driven plan is important. Use as a reference Dropbox for example or other.

Four step structure your message and make it consistent in all the chosen platforms and integrate everything.

Develop the tone of voice of that brand this includes slogans, taglines, quotes and make it a standard.

If possible create a brand document or a branding bible as a reference.

The most important thing, be your brand live for it, breath your brand, reincarnate your brand and be consistent!

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