Based on the survey objectives and how confident you want to be in the survey results, you need to calculate the number of respondents. The more confidence you need in survey results, the less margin of error you need to accept. In this article, we will tell you the number of respondents you will require for the survey research.

OvationMR is a popular company that creates highly reliable, and feasible online B2B and Consumer research panels. They offer a simple to use precise sample size calculator that helps in determining your online survey number of respondents. Their simple and precise margin of error calculator enables researchers to check whether or not their sample size relative to the population falls in an acceptable range of rejection.

What is a Sample?

A sample is a small set of the population that helps a company to obtain valuables insights when used in market research. Different research methods are used to create samples of data. Probability sampling and non-probability sampling are the two main types of sampling techniques that will help you perform the sampling in the right way.

Steps To Determine The Sample Size

Here are the different steps to determine the sample size or the number of respondents for the market survey.

How many people are present in the population?

The population is the total market or target audience whose views you are interested in.

How representatives perform survey results?

The closer your chosen sample is in regards to the total population, the more representative results will get. As it is almost next to possible to survey 100% of a particular population, you should design a well-designed survey to obtain an acceptable tolerance level for inaccuracy.

The tolerance level for inaccuracy depends on the confidence to form decisions based on the data. It is a good practice to your margin of error low. In this way, you can be confident that you are forming the best decisions for the team.

How many people do you need to invite to take the survey?

You need a certain set of people or sample size to begin the survey. It is advised to take the survey till you get an adequate sample size. If you do not feel comfortable estimating the response rate, it is recommended to begin the survey with a high figure. You can start sending the survey to extra recipients in the future whenever needed.

Calculation of number of respondents

Here is the formula to compute the segment of the population that you want to invite to take the market survey based on the expected response rate.

Number of respondents you need x 100

= Expected % response rate


So, with the above method, you can easily estimate how many people are required to respond to the questionnaire and a statistically major data set. Follow the above steps to find out how many respondents you require to form confident decisions whether or not it is based on the marketing budget.

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