Almost every US state requires drivers to carry insurance on their car. Neglecting to buy insurance, or letting it lapse, can put you into a world of trouble. Here are four very serious things that can happen if you decide you don’t want to spend money on car insurance.

You’ll Be Ticketed and Fined

When you drive a car in a state requiring insurance, you’ll need proof of that insurance inside the vehicle. If you’re pulled over and aren’t insured, you’ll be ticketed and it will show up on your permanent record. Plus, depending on the state and any prior violations, you could also be fined.

You Could Lose Thousands of Dollars

If you’re driving a car without insurance and you cause an accident, you’ll end up paying for damages out-of-pocket. This could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars. To avoid this nightmare, speak with your insurance agency Newark DE to make sure you’re adequately insured.

It’ll Be Hard To Get Future Insurance

Getting caught driving without insurance will make it much harder for you to secure affordable insurance in the future. You’ll be deemed a “high risk” driver and it’ll take years for your premiums to go down. Always having your car insured and being a careful driver will make insurance more affordable.

You Could Lose Your License

Depending on your driving record, when you’re nailed for operating a vehicle without insurance, your license could be suspended or even taken away. This can make life extremely difficult especially if you need to drive to work or school. Insuring your car, even with the minimum requirement, can help you avoid this headache.

It Can Make a Bad Situation Worse

No matter what your circumstances, driving without car insurance can make any situation many times worse. If you’re going to be driving, you’ll need to be insured. Speaking to an insurance agent can help you find your most affordable option.

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