Finding an office space is never an easy task, yet it plays a significant role in the productivity of the staff members. If you choose the wrong location, you may affect your business’s operations or demotivate employees. Whether you have just started a business or you are a large company moving, here are a few things to consider before choosing an office space.

The Location

Location is among the top considerations that any business owner needs to consider. The office space should be located conveniently where both your employees and customers can access it easily. That means you need to be somewhere close to public transportation, food, and amenities, plus parking. Another consideration about the location is how close you are to your partners and competitors. If you are choosing a place close to competitors, ensure you do not create additional competition.

Available Facilities

Many commercial office buildings offer various facilities, like public WiFi, cafes, shared meeting spaces, outdoor spaces, and end-of-trip facilities. However, it would help if you considered what your business wants. Some large commercial buildings may also have concierge services, fitness classes, and daycare services for tenants. Such facilities are likely to make things easier for your employees.

The Design

Check a building’s design and how attractive the workspace is. Design impacts your reputation and image in the market. The office’s design should not just be appealing. It needs to be functional as well. As much as you are going for aesthetics, you need to present a professional look to anyone walking in. When factoring in the design, you can opt to design your office space or choose a fully fitted office and move in quickly.

Employee Demographics

Before moving, analyze employee demographics. If most of your workers live in a particular location, consider moving somewhere nearby. You do not want to make it hard for employees to commute to work. One of the essential management tips is being considerate. If they have to travel far, they are likely to get to the office already tired or frustrated.


The budget is also a significant consideration. You do not want to spend a little, only to end up with a small office or spend a lot and end up with space you do not need. Look at the number of employees you have and the supplies you will need. You can also factor in the possibility of expansion, especially if the company is growing at a rapid speed. Find an office space that offers room to grow or choose a shorter lease.


Working within a city can be challenging. One is exposed to pollution and congestion often, which ends up affecting you. If possible, you can choose a suburban area as your office location as it is likely to have more greenery, which translates to better oxygen quality. Of course, not all businesses have the luxury of working in a suburban area. If that is your case, then find an office building that is clean and maintained to enhance comfort and productivity.


In so many ways, a good office space offers growth and support to your business. Therefore, as you go space hunting, have the above factors in mind.

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