With all the focus on customer experience, it can become easy to overlook your employees and how they are feeling while working for your company. But the importance of the employee experience (EX) is becoming increasingly apparent to business leaders.

This is thanks to research done by people like author Jacob Morgan who found that organizations that invest in their employees earn more than four times the average profit and two times the average revenue than companies that don’t. The numbers alone are quite telling, but there are also a number of top business leaders who have experienced first-hand how investing in employees has boosted productivity as well as their profits.

Where to Start

Knowing how to boost employee morale can be difficult, especially when you lack the insight to do so. That’s why a number of companies are investing in human resource (HR) and people management software in order to gain better visibility and insights into their workforce.

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Insight Provides the Tools for Action

With knowledge comes the power to make a difference. By knowing more about your people you’ll be able to better anticipate their needs and learn how to inspire them.

But even without in-depth insights, here are some actions you can take to improve employee morale.

Arrange Team-Building Activities

This might sound cliché but team-building activities actually do work especially when the right activity is chosen. These kinds of exercises should involve experiences where employees interact with each other and support one another with common goals.

If you’re not great at coming up with these types of things, there are plenty of resources to inspire you with ideas, as well as professionals who can be hired to arrange events for your employees.

Create Training Opportunities

One of the easiest ways to make your employees feel valued is by providing them with ways to learn or increase their training. This could even entail learning things that go beyond the typical duties outlined in their role.

Whether you set up workshops or invite guest speakers to come in to provide an informative talk for employees that sign up, these actions will help your employees feel valued.

When you invest in your employee’s growth you invest in your company’s growth – the more talented your people are, the more they’ll be able to contribute to your business. This will help them feel like a valuable asset to the company and they’ll be willing to invest back into the business in return.

Everyone is a Valued Team Member

Even when it comes to the receptionist at the front desk, or the people who work in the mailroom, be sure to show your appreciation. An employee who cares can go a long way to growing a great business.

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