Idea Cellular is one of the leading providers of GSM services. It is serving with license for operating in 11 circles. It is known for launching music messaging with cellular jockey. It is the only telecom operator that offers its valued customers with maximum savings. Idea is the only telecom provider that works by the people and for the people while watching its new media campaign. It is said that all its campaigns celebrate the ideas of champions that have the power to make a change. Its new brand campaign is a milestone in building brand of idea, as it demonstrates its power change by looking at its benefits and in an innovative way.

It is believed that Idea connects with its customers by considering mobile telephony more than a communication device. It works to convey a message that mobile phone is a tool that has transformed the life of millions of people. It has been listed in the national stock exchange as well as in Bombay’s stock exchange.

Services Offered by Idea:

Like every other telecom operator, Idea also facilitates its subscribers with special USSD codes that are used for checking their calling balance, data balance, night packs, data packs, GPRS data settings, menu offer, internet balance, 3G internet data balance, unlimited offers and many more. Apart from this, there are several other services offered by idea. Some of these services are mentioned below:

  • All Sim (Talktime recharge + other special) best offer to check USSD code: One can make use of the USSD for checking different types of balances, etc.
  • All Sim own number check code and many more: Herein some of the codes used for checking idea offers, checking idea 4G net balances, many other idea services. Some of these codes are mentioned below:
  • Finding idea phone no- *131*1#
  • Idea balance check: *131*3#
  • Idea data balance check code:*125#
  • Idea self care menu: *121*4#
  • Idea number best offer check code: *121#
  • Idea last recharge details check: *121*4*1*5#
  • Idea credit ( loan code + loan number)

One can enjoy all the services offered by Idea in continuity by making timely Idea recharge. There are different methods that can be used by an idea user for making an idea recharge online. One can make use of multiple modes of payments including Paytm App, PhonePe, PayPal, Credit card, Debit card, net banking, etc. while making an idea recharge online.

The only benefit concerned with making a recharge online is that one gets numerous discount offers and coupons on every recharge. It is also considered that sometimes the cashback offered makes an online mobile recharge much more economical than the shops.  The benefit that is growing the demand for an online recharge is that it saves the valuable time of its customers across the country. One can make use of these cashback offers for some other productive activities as well. Idea has designed several plans that are very economical in nature. One can make choice for the best suitable plan and get the recharge done to enjoy its services.


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