Loansare somehow seen in the negative limelight by other people since it is just another form of debt. Some people, particularly those who have been buried by unpaid debts,  have developed a lesser appetite for it. Hence, it garnered undesirable connotations over the years. But this unpleasant scenario can be mitigated if the debtor managed his loan plan properly. Loans, typicallygranted by banks and other private lending companies, are not offered to enslave people rather it is givento help people escape from towering debts, establish financial freedom and stability, andeven aid them in their new venturesthat is why loans are presented in budgetary plans.

All About Loans

By definition, loans refer to a sum of money that is lent by a financial institution to another party in which it is must be repaid in a certain period with a set of conditions that are not limited to repayment date, finance charges, and interest rate whichneeds to be paid along with the principal amount.Loans come in different types and sizes depending on your need. There are at least 16 known types of loansbut the most common ones are business loans, car loans, debt consolidation loans, leisure loans, personal loans, quick loans, student loans, mortgage loans, and credit cards. Other loans such as home equity, payday, pawnshop, title, boat, pool, family, and recreational vehicle loans are also available.

Types of  Loans

A loan is generally typified as secured and unsecured while the payment method can be categorized as revolving or term.A secured loan requires collateral or the asset for which the loan is taken out while the unsecured loan does not, but it imposes a higher interest rate compared to the secured loan. Examples of secured loans are car and mortgage loans; the collaterals are the car and the house. Credit cards and signature loans are counted as unsecured loans. The payment method, on the other hand, is categorized as revolving or term. Revolving loan means that the loan can be cycled (borrowed, repaid, borrowed) like credit cards whereas the term loan is repaid on an installment basis (short-term, intermediate, long-term).If the loan is not paid according to the agreed set of conditions by both parties, the financial institution can seize the property, or the interest accumulates. 

Overall Advantages of Loans 

Loans are not bad, in fact, rich people like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump love them. Loans help you to achieve your dreams and attain financial stability if and only if you know how to pay on time. So before you sign that document, you must know the interest rate and match it with your monthly income and expenses. Remember, always seek advice from financial experts because rich people do the same.

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