Many small businesses come to a point where they cannot grow without the help of outside sources. If your company has gotten to this level, keep reading for ideas on how to gain access to capital and keep your profits growing.

1. Private Equity

Raising private equity through private investors can be tough when you are new to this type of business deal. You will have to convince private lenders that your company is worth investing in. If you have never dealt with this before, consider using a private equity consulting Seattle WA firm to assist you in your venture. You will need to present the investors with a business plan and demonstrate how the additional funds will help your business turn a profit.

2. Small Business Loans

Plenty of traditional banks provide loans to small businesses through the Small Business Administration (SBA). These loans are provided from lenders to businesses at a reduced risk level. Your business must meet the requirements set out by the SBA in order to qualify. Generally, a business must have the ability to repay the loan and a solid business purpose.

3. Low Interest Credit Cards

Your business could qualify for a zero percent interest credit card. This would allow you to utilize that credit for business-related purchases without worrying about interest. Before racking up the credit card bill, ensure you have a solid plan for increasing your revenue stream with the funds. If you grow your profit margin, you should be able to use those profits to pay off the credit card.

If you have reached the limit of your personal and business capital available, consider small business loans, private equity and low interest credit cards to help your business realize its full potential. A small number of additional funds could help take your business to the next level.

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