Even in today’s world of online everything, a reliable phone system is vital for any successful business. Consider these three business phone systems when selecting a phone service for your company.

1. Voice Over IP

Once a novelty aimed at budget-conscious consumers, VOIP business phone service Brighton CO is now a major player in the business phone system market. VOIP utilizes the internet for telephone communication and offers users many advanced features. One of the key advantages of VOIP is that all of its features can be accessed from a computer, so your employees do not need to have clunky phone banks on their desks.

2. Key System Units

Key system units are very simple to use and inexpensive to install but offer the fewest features. Due to the limitation on the number of phone lines that can be installed, this option is best for small companies with fewer than 40 employees. The system works similarly to a home phone system and includes the basic features most businesses need but may lack advanced options, such as visual voicemail. Because this system uses a central switching unit to determine which line calls are routed to, it is one of the least flexible and portable options.

3. Private Branch Exchange

A private branch exchange system has more advanced features than the key system units. This system uses programmable switching devices that allow for the automatic routing of calls. The PBX system is much more automated than the KSU system and is expandable beyond the 40 person limit of the KSU, making it a better choice for larger companies.

The best business phone system for you depends upon your budget, needs and the size of your company. While these three systems are the most popular, there are other options out there that may be worth investigating.

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