by Alex Schnee

If you have noticed that your employees are looking for different types of corporate perks than what your company has offered in the past, then don’t be surprised. As the world changes, the benefits that you might offer your employees needs to change too. Some of these perks can end up being beneficial to both them and your business and it allows you to create a company culture that is supportive and keeps workers wanting to remain with your business.

Here are some types of perks that might seem a little different than what you might be used to but can end up working in the long run.

1. Volunteer time off

One way you can make the world better and also create a better company culture is by encouraging your employees to take some time off and volunteer. You might allow them a certain number of hours per week where this is possible for them to head to their favorite organization and spend some time. If you can, allow them to choose where they want to spend their time and efforts.

2. Cell phone discounts

We use our cell phones for almost every task, and that includes checking our work email even when we are off. If your employees happen to use their phones a lot for work then you might want to consider offering them some compensation. Whether you choose to pay for their devices or you offer a monthly stipend, this can encourage your employees to choose the phones that they really want and that would work best with the type of work that they do for your company.

3. Wellness programs

Employees that feel good are likely to come to the office in a positive mood and feel happy about the work they are doing. Providing some wellness programs can help to keep them healthy both mentally and physically. Whether you choose to cover the cost of their gym membership or therapy, you’re creating workers that feel good about their careers and what they can contribute to their jobs. You might also want to consider looking into offering additional health benefits like vision and dental if that would make sense with your individual employee.

4. Charitable giving

On top of volunteer work, you can also offer donations to your employees’ favorite organizations. Instead of a holiday bonus, you can offer this as an option instead. Make sure that your workers get a say where the money goes to and which organization they would like to help. This can help them to feel more involved in the process and feel like they are giving back to their communities and causes that they believe in.

In summary

Your business can benefit from looking into the ways it can help employees. It might not be the same types of benefits that have worked in the past, but these new options can create more loyalty with your employees and can encourage them to see your company as a positive place to work.

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