Intermediate bulk containers, or IBCs, are big storage containers that are commonly used to store and transport various types of liquids, including industrial liquids, detergents, chemicals, solvents, water, and foods. Tote recycling when you are finished with your IBCs is good for the environment and cost effective.  If your business needs to have access to these kinds of liquids, learn about the numerous benefits that IBC totes have to offer.

Built-in Pallets That Are Easy To Transport

Typically, IBC totes have a pallet that is attached to the tank’s bottom so you don’t need to worry about the pallets becoming separated from the shipments. That makes it easy to use a traditional forklift to move IBCs. Your employees will not need to search for a pallet before unloading and loading IBCs. They will get to work immediately at handling your liquids carefully. If you are storing hazardous or flammable liquids inside an IBC, if the container has a pallet attached to it, that will reduce the chances of shipments becoming damaged.

Dispense Liquids Quickly

The front of IBC totes also has a nozzle attached to them. This allows you to dispense your liquids quickly. It is easy to use the nozzle. You can start and stop the flow of liquids quickly. This helps you control the amount that comes out of the container. If you are dealing with flammable or dangerous material, this is very important, which can damage your facility, pollute the environment, or endanger your workers’ lives. When you use a small amount of time, it can also help to preserve your inventory.

Bulk Storage for Using Space Efficiently 

When you invest in IBCs, it also helps you maximize the use of your manufacturing facility and storage. The liquid capacity of these containers is 119-793 gallons or 450-3,000 L. Large amounts of fluids can also be stored in the same container to reduce your storage space. If your facility is limited on space, your IBCs can be stacked on top of each other. When not in use, put them aside and then redeploy them quickly when you need to ship or store liquids. It is easy to find IBCs that have the proper liquid capacity that your business needs.

That helps you save on your labor expenses as well. Big batches of liquids can be moved by your workers instead of needing to load multiple containers at the same time. Your entire inventory can be loaded and unloaded very quickly. That also encourages your workers to carefully handle the containers. When fewer containers need to be moved, your employees can focus on their tasks without becoming exhausted.

Reusable Which Reduces Storage Expenses

You can lower your storage costs by reusing your IBCs. It is not necessary to continue purchasing new containers each time you have a new order to send out or refill containers. Before reusing a container, it will need to be inspected for damage, especially ones that have just shipped. Wash the inside of the container with a special cleaning solution and water to get it prepared for another liquids batch.

Versatile Storage Solutions

No matter what types of items that you need to store, there is an IBC that will work for you. From drinking water to industrial chemicals, you can use these containers to transport and store a wide range of different liquids. If different types of chemicals and liquids are handled by your facility, IBCs can be used for all of your transportation and storage needs. That makes procuring all of your storage and shipping equipment, instead of needing to find and track different types of containers.

Durable For Your Peace Of Mind

When you have hazardous liquids that need to be stored or transported, it is essential that your products are always safe. IBCs are made out of durable, strong plastic that will keep your fluids safe from exposure to the outside elements and from harm. They are encased inside a wire shell to help keep the container protected as it is moving from one destination to the next. You do not need to worry about the containers springing a leak accidentally, or cracking o becoming punctured unexpectedly. When an IBC container is used to ship liquids, you will have increased peace of mind.

IBCs are designed for storing and shipping all different types of liquids, which makes them an ideal option for your business. So whether you are running a chemical engineering plant or wanting to preserve drinking water, IBCs will help to reduce product damage, increase efficiency, and save you money.

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