Coordinate measuring machines have played an enormous role in the surprising resurgence of North American manufacturing. CMM machines enabled increased automation along the production line, which in turn gave new life to manufacturing in North America after it was widely thought that cheaper labour costs and fewer regulations abroad would lead to its demise.

CMM machines are a symbol of industrial efficiency, and if your company is looking to get even more efficient, you can buy one of these machines used. When you do, here are some reasons why it’s smarter to buy your used CMM from an authorized dealer.

  1. Formal Guarantees

When you buy a used CMM machine from auction or from an individual seller, you simply need to take them at their word. When you buy a used CMM equipment from a dealer authorized by the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA), not only do you save on used high end CMM equipment but you also get important formal assurances.

The MDNA code of ethics requires authorized dealers to respond to inquiries about their products with descriptions about the machine’s condition and specifications as accurately as possible. They will also refund any machinery that is proven to be mechanically unsatisfactory, or repair it at dealer’s option.

  1. Expert, Trustworthy Assessments

CMM machines are extremely complicated — you would be hesitant to buy a used car without first checking that everything is working under the hood, and it’s just as important to know that a used CMM machine is in perfect working order if you’re going to rely on it to deliver precise and consistent results on your shop floor.

Buying a used CMM machine from an authorized dealer ensures that the probes, drive systems, air lines, bearings and cabling will undergo a thorough inspection before your purchase. Buying from a dealer is the only way to get a guarantee that the machine will work the way it’s supposed to from the time of purchase, or it’ll be repaired for you without charge.

  1. Software Matters

CMM machines are complicated, and so is the software inside these machines. It’s possible that the software that comes with your used CMM machine needs to be replaced because it is obsolete or not ideal for your purposes.

Purchasing a used CMM machine through an authorized dealer means that you’ll have trustworthy and expert guidance about the software installed on your machine. You’ll know whether this software is right for you, and if it isn’t, you’ll be directed to the optimal software.

  1. Proper Installation

CMM machines are relied upon to perform the vital role of quality control, which means they need to give precise and repeatable results. These machines are sensitive, and need to be installed carefully in order to give dependable results. Part of the services authorized dealers provide include installation and calibration, so you know the machine you’re buying works to spec right away.

CMM machines provide an invaluable role on your production line, and you can buy the best equipment for a great price with the knowledge that it’s working perfectly by purchasing them used from an authorized dealer.


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