When pressurized air is released, it transmits power. This is the action that the air compressor does in creating compressed air. The energy received, when the compressed air is released, becomes a source of energy to power industrial machines and tools, but not only. Your daily lifeis also very concerned with air compressors.

Its operation

The principle is very simple: air is sucked into a cylinder in the descending part of the piston, it is compressed and directed towards the tank in the rising part of the same piston. The reciprocating piston is the type of piston most often used in compressors. The principle of operation happens to bealike to that of a bicycle pump. The compressor can run on electricity or gas. There are two types of air compressor: lubricated air compressors, particularly appreciated for their durability and very decent value for money, they happen to be useful for frequent use; oil-free air compressors, appreciated for their low price but useful for occasional use because they are less robust.

Its use

Its use is unlimited. As a raw material you will find it in the inflation of tires and inflatable boats, in scuba diving cylinders, for medical purposes in nebulizers, for example. You will also find it in all kinds of tools, especially in the construction field, such as, paint guns, hammer drills and chisels, drills and pneumatic grinders. But it is also present in aquarium pumps or dental burs, etc. In factories, it is present in many machine tools and it allows, by the power of the energy it transmits, machining of parts and materials.

To go further, used air compressors are also present in the braking system of heavy goods vehicles from fluidairedynamics.com and in railway trains and wagons, in the catapults of aircraft carriers or in the starting of engines of groups. In short, they are everywhere and essential for industrial development and in your daily life.

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