Coming up with innovative solutions for the struggles you and your business face is equally intimidating and frustrating. Luckily, you can research what others have done in similar situations and adapt those solutions for your company or use those ideas to spark your creativity.

Get Creative With Your Marketing

While marketing campaigns feature creativity in advertisements, innovative marketing will feature it in unique mediums for commercials. Business leaders like Howard Mittman recognize creativity as a driver of success. You can get creative in your marketing by reaching out to local events relative to your products and making a sponsorship deal. Attending trade shows, organizing events of your own and even hiring a sign spinner are all examples of creativity working for you.

Solicit Feedback for Better Customer Retention

Retaining customers is the easiest way to ensure future profits. This retention means nurturing a relationship with your customers, soliciting their feedback for ways you can improve, and establishing a loyalty rewards plan. Unfortunately, most people are more eager to provide negative feedback and reviews than positive ones, so you have to get creative with your customer surveys and the incentives you offer for completing them. Many companies will have social media contests to boost retention while gathering feedback and even free marketing when clients share contest posts with their followers. However, all the feedback in the world will not help if you do not know how to respond to both positive and negative reviews politely.

Cultivate Talented Employees Through Company Culture

Finding, hiring and keeping the best talent can help your company stay competitive and generate innovative ideas. This talent retention means creating opportunities for your current employees to cultivate their talents, work towards promotions and interact with each other and the company culture positively. Workers who feel that their management and corporate structure care about them are more engaged at work and more committed to seeing the company succeed. Designing your company culture to reflect those values can include incentives for employee feedback and opportunities to share their innovative ideas with management.

Nourish Your Adaptability

Your ability to shift directions when the market does can keep you ahead of the competition. Suppose you have the opportunity to test out different products, services and marketing plans without committing significant resources to that testing. In that case, you can more easily fail, learn from your failure and move on, or succeed and commit additional resources to that idea. Letting your creativity loose on market trends and social media movements can inform your new ideas and design tests which put you at the forefront of a movement instead of playing catch-up.

Creativity and innovation are two of the most valuable skills for entrepreneurs and the companies they own. The more creativity you can bring to bear on your marketing, talent retention and customer relationships, the easier it will be to quickly and effectively adapt to market changes. Your creativity and innovative ideas can create test projects which allow you to see your ideas in action before committing to them and learn from your failures to design future success.

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