If you want to know and identify the trend of a market then there is no short cut tool or any magical tool that will always work. In the Forex market, the direction in the chart moves frequently at any time.

To understand and analyze the trend you need to use strategies and focus on every tool that is present in the trading platform. You can’t understand the trend charts within a short time, it requires many years of experience to have an idea about the movement in the trend chart.

Observation is the main key in the trade market

As a new trader to make money you need to understand the price movement. Though no one understands about the price movement accurately, they try to use their strategies to understand a bit about the complicated change in price so that they can speculate and execute quality trades. You might have the best trading system in the world but always remember speculation doesn’t give you the guarantee that you will make a decent profit from this market. So always be prepared to lose trades even if you find the perfect trend in the market.

You can’t get all the ideas but you surely can understand whether the trend is trending up, down or sideways and by that you can do your trade more precisely without any loss. The more you give time to understand the trend the better you will trade in the Forex market. Learn about the different phases of the trend so that you can take advantage of the major and minor retracement in the trading assets.

Know about the price action signals

Price action holds an important role in the market as it strives to explain the volatility of the market. The currency pair charts and the patterns on them are the main tools of price action. With the help of price action, you can easily analyze the state of currency pair. CFD trading is not as complicated as it seems. Many naïve traders are now making thousands of dollars profit just by using the basic concept of price action trading strategy. But all of them have worked really hard to develop their skills.

You must know about the price action, rule and how does it work before you start trading. In price action, you can almost trade with delayed orders so there will be no risk of slippage. Price action is also known as trading without indicators. Does this mean, the professional price action traders never use indicators? Well, indicators are nothing but helping tools. You can use one or two indicators to filter the best signals but still, it’s better to trade in a clean chart.

Pay attention in the trend direction

The trend direction has its role of work in the market. If we observe price is heading south it means you need to give attention to the recent swing high, and if it is an uptrend you need to concentrate on the recent swing lows.

In the trade market if there are higher highs and higher lows then it is an uptrend and if it is lower highs is formed associated with the lower lows then it is a downtrend. The change in the trend direction is pretty tough to understand, if you are new then you need many years of practice to understand the direction of the market.


Even the pro traders never say that they understand the trend movement precisely, most of the time with their experience they assume the movement and it works for them but even to assume you need to have many years of experience.

In the Forex market to understand the trend is tricky but it’s more challenging for the new traders. If you trade against the market then be sure you will end up losing your money, so it’s important to gather knowledge about the setups of the market.

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