It is something that has only come onto the scene in recent times, but it would be fair to say that house staging is here to stay.

We’ve seen it on the small screen for decades, with property shows managing to show off the ‘best parts’ of a home with some shrewd staging mechanisms. Now, this is stretching to the standard real estate marker – and you can take advantage.

As such, if you’re looking to sell your home, here are three must-perform house staging tricks that can amplify your chances of a quick, and pricy, sale.

Step #1 – Focus on the right areas

In short, not all rooms are going to be equal. You’re not going to have days to invest in the staging process, so just concentrate your efforts on a select few rooms.

These rooms should hardly come as a surprise:

  • Kitchen: Widely regarded as the “most valuable” room of the home nowadays, this should receive the bulk of your attention.
  • Living room: Again, the room in which the bulk of family time is spent. Try and place a lot of attention on staging in this area.
  • Master bedroom: You don’t have to invest in staging for every bedroom in your home, but instead look towards the master one. This will provide the most attraction to buyers.

Step #2 – Believe everything you read about decluttering

Over recent times there has been a lot in the news about decluttering and in short, make sure you believe everything you read.

Clutter can be the enemy of a house sale. It can make a home look smaller and older than it really is. A home that doesn’t have clutter is revitalized with freshness and cleanliness.

Step #3 – Understand the power of accessories

Finally, let’s talk about accessories. They come in multiple forms:

  • Fruit bowls: Believe it or not, a fruit bowl (preferably with citrus fruits in) is thought to be one of the most powerful house accessories you can use in staging.
  • Flowers: Another obvious one; take a look at Avas Flowers for some easy inspiration. Avas Flowers have established themselves as masters in floral design and you should be looking to replicate their efforts. As we alluded to in the first step, make sure you choose your positions wisely. There are some Avas Coupons discounts at this link.
  • Family photos: You need to strike a balance. Make sure you have some, so everything feels homely, but don’t go overboard. If you have too many you can fall into the clutter category!

As you can see, accessories fall into all sorts of categories and while each item is small, collectively they can make the world of difference.

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