New technology is invented every day, but some of it is more useful than others. If you’re on the board of directors for a corporation, not-for-profit or Crown Agency, you know how important it is for communication to be both effective and secure. Board portal technology makes this possible.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of using board portal technology.

Effective Communications

New technology has provided us with so many amazing devices to communicate with, but the downside is that it can be difficult to centralize communications with so many channels available. One team member may prefer text, another uses email; scrolling back for old messages can be time consuming, and it is easy to lose track of information.

Good portal technology puts all the communication in one centralized place, so you don’t need to rely on a combination of phones, emails, or even courier services shipping large hard copy documents.

Portal software is effective in other important ways, too. Using board portal technology, board administrators can set up polls to quickly ask directors important questions. It also enables comments to be made on the margins of documents, so directors can flag certain passages in a way that will be easily seen by the rest of the board.

If you still have more questions about how it works then you should read this information on portal software options to see in greater detail what separates the top quality board portals from the rest.

Safe Communications

At a time when the largest, seemingly fortified companies and even political parties are getting hacked, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of safety features that keep sensitive information confidential.

Board portal technology keeps your board of directors’ communication safe in numerous ways. It’s heavily encrypted, unlike email and Dropbox. Because it’s Cloud-based, if a device gets lost or stolen, all the data can be wiped remotely, potentially averting a crisis before it happens.

Likewise, if a director needs immediate access to this data but their device has gone missing, they can get the information by logging in from any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.That everything is stored on the Cloud means the data is both secure and always within reach.

Finally, look to see that the company’s server storing your information is located in your home country, and that it adheres to, or even exceeds, all security standards and protocols.


A lot of board portal technology comes with packages at a variety of different price points, with the most important features only available if you buy the most expensive version. Fortunately, some industry leaders, like Aprio, offer only a single version containing all the features, as well as all future updates, for one price.

24/7 Support

As with all software, problems sometimes arise. It’s essential that when issues do come up, they get fixed immediately. A good portal software company delivers direct 24/7 support, and even training, through phone, chat and email. Ideally, the support will be personalized, as the company will actually know their clients.

The directors of your board are busy people who may be board directors of different organizations, and may not even live in the same city. It’s absolutely crucial that they are empowered to communicate effectively and securely. Thankfully, modern board portal technology is here to help savvy companies achieve these ends.

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