Greetings do not only provide a unique medium to keep in touch but also are a great way to express emotions. Therefore, you can express your love, gratitude, congratulations, and condolences through greeting cards. Although we live in a time where digital communication has dominated seasons greetings holiday cards sent through the mail means a lot more than digital messages. This means that e-cards or social media communications cannot take over the greeting card traditions. Here are the top six reasons why greeting cards are indispensable.

  1. Greeting Cards Just Mean More

No matter how much you can post auto-generated social media messages or videos, it may not be taken more than being related to a generic press release. You can’t even be sure that those you intend to reach out will receive the message or, even if they receive it if it is timely. Even those who receive the message may feel like your ordinary social media buddy without a real connection. However, sending a greeting card portrays a sign of genuine interest in someone’s life and shows that you didn’t copy-paste or forwarded a certain message.

  1. The Card is There to Stay

It is so easy and fast to share a status update through social media, as it is to expire and be forgotten. However, sending a greeting card is something someone will receive for keeping. You cannot even avoid it as you can avoid someone’s status. Once the card is kept, it remains a constant reminder of the connection you share with your loved ones. It also guarantees you that so long as the recipient has the card with them, they can see how much you care for them. This cannot be achieved on social media platforms.

  1. Not Everyone is on Social Media

You probably have family members and friends who do not have access to social media. Even if you post them or send them messages, they cannot access it, and it will end up meaningless. Remember that some places are more geographically disadvantaged than others, limiting some people’s access to social media. On the other hand, greeting cards can be the best option as they will be accessed even in places with no internet. Furthermore, someone may have misplaced their cell phone or changed their accounts, and they cannot access whatever you send them through social media.

  1. They Put a Smile on Someone

Someone who gets sent a message via social media may not tell the difference between a group message or an individual message. Even if you composed it specifically for them, they might think that you sent the same message to multiple recipients, and therefore the excitement will be limited. On the other hand, there is a certain feeling of excitement that someone feels when receiving a greeting card. It is more emotional and makes people feel more special and cared about than just receiving an email or a text.

  1. Greeting Cards are More Authentic

When sending a greeting card, you will probably go with the one that matches your recipients’ values, tastes, and personalities. Although you can still do the same e-cards, somehow, it doesn’t come out authentically. Greeting cards involve going through some troubles for them to be delivered, which shows that the sender cares. It feels truer than e-cards and other social media platforms.

Although e-cards and other types of communications via the internet are convenient in this digital era, it is vital to have cards getting through the mailbox with someone’s signature or handwritten. It brings about a warm, fuzzy feeling that cannot be replaced by electronic communication.


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