When you run a business based off selling items to the United States government, then you need to be aware of what ITAR compliance is and why you need to follow protocol. If you find your information stolen by foreign entity, then you can be facing some pretty severe fines as well as up to 10 years of jail time. This is why you want to be extra certain you are following the necessary rules.

Here are the security measures you should have in place when you want to make sure that your ITAR compliance checklist is in order.

Encrypted files

Each one of your files should have its own encryption, which means that you might have to have a number of different passwords available in order to maintain security. Make sure that each file is strictly protected if there is important information involved, and remember that even if your files are safely stored on your computer, you could run into problems down the line with hacking. Use a VPN when you go online, and make sure not to send any emails where files are not heavily encrypted.

A safe place for storage

As mentioned, storing files on your device is not the safest method, and it is not difficult for hackers to find a way to get into your hard drive and steal the information you have. This is why having a cloud service that is used to storing this type of data and can provide alerts if items have been compromised can help a lot. These services also usually provide multiple layers of encryption, as well, which can help ward off anyone trying to steal your data.

Secure passwords

It might seem like the simplest way to keep information secure, but having a password that is easy to hack can actually cause plenty of problems if you aren’t following best practices. Make sure that any former employees that you might have no longer have access to passwords, and that you change their account as soon as they have finished. Change passwords often and look into secure options that you don’t repeat in several different programs.

Regular updates

Make sure that you take the time to regularly update your software and firmware on your computer. By doing this, you can help to avoid any issues when it comes to hacking into outdated systems. Also, if you have software that your entire enterprise uses, make sure that your employees take the time to update their systems, as well. This can help to mitigate any risks that involve your security and can keep you from suffering the consequences of not being ITAR compliant.

In summary

Make sure to double check that any items you have sold within the past few years and see if they need to be ITAR compliant. If in doubt, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and you should check in with an expert to make sure that you aren’t missing anything vital.

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