Germs – unfortunately – are everywhere, including inside the house. And while it is imperative to be cautious to avoid germs in public areas, such as restrooms, for instance, it is also vital to help clear microorganisms from the home to prevent occupants from becoming sick. Here are four suggestions to consider for getting a handle on – and getting rid of – germs at a residence.

1. Clean the Residence Often

It may be beneficial to create a schedule to clean the home or apartment on a weekly basis. Areas that may require intense and deep scrubbing may include the kitchen and the bathroom. Harmful germs can thrive on surfaces like a kitchen counter where food has been – and will likely continue to be – prepared. It may be helpful to utilize antibacterial cleaning products to combat microbes that could cause illness. It’s important to note that kitchen sponges may contain numerous bacteria. Therefore, disposing of dirty sponges can be helpful. And – interestingly – placing a wet sponge into a microwave for a couple of minutes may eliminate some of the harmful bacteria.

2. Laundry Day is Fundamental

The kitchen and the lavatory may contain microbes, but don’t forget about the bedroom. It may be a good idea to regularly wash bedsheets, pillowcases, and blankets. Cleaning services can help – such as apartment cleaning Clarksburg MD – for instance.

3. Open the Windows and Purify the Air

Fresh air and sunlight may help to clear out germs – particularly in the winter months when the windows and doors may be constantly closed. It may be advantageous to consider allowing some clean air to flow into the apartment. High-quality air purifiers may also be very useful for eliminating germs.

4. Wash Hands

Finally, the simple act of washing hands multiple times during the day may greatly reduce bacteria that could be spread throughout the home. Therefore, creating a habit of regular hand washing may be a great and healthy idea.

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