Depending on where you live, many homes have either a basement or a crawlspace. Crawlspaces and basements often have conditions that allow mould to thrive, which leaves you with an unhealthy environment under your home that can affect the quality of air in your living space. Mould prefers to grow in dark, damp places with a lot of moisture. Even just a small amount of water can lead to crawlspace mould, especially on the walls, underside of the subfloor, as well as the joists. If it’s left for too long without proper removal, crawlspace mould can create mould growth reservoirs that allow it to spread to others areas in your home. You should hire experts for crawlspace mould removal as early as possible to avoid contaminating your indoor air.

Signs You May Have Crawlspace Mould

If you are not sure whether your home’s crawlspace is affected by mould growth, you should look for the signs below:

  • Poor indoor air quality that causes increased asthma symptoms and allergies while at home without any other apparent cause
    • Family members suffering from chronic headaches
    • A musty odour fills the home, particularly when doors and windows are closed
    • Several plumbing pipes are broken or had other issues
    • Floorboards are warped or buckled
    • Home wiring and cables have issues

Causes of Crawlspace Mould

Foundation vents are among the major causes of crawlspace mould. Many crawlspaces have vents that should prevent moisture issues, but studies have shown that these vents often cause moisture buildup instead of preventing it. Some of these foundation vents have fan systems, which should be helpful, but can in fact cause more damage than good.

Humid weather is another cause of crawlspace mould. When the vents of the crawlspace fan systems bring in air during rainy or humid weather, the crawlspace becomes a perfect breeding ground for mould. Moisture is drawn into the space where wood and dirt encourage mould growth.

Choosing a Crawlspace Mould Removal Expert

If there is mould growth in your crawlspace, it is important to get rid of it before it causes more harm to your house and family. Mould has many negative effects on humans, so protect your loved ones by hiring an expert for crawlspace mould removal. These experts also offer other services such as basement repair in Leamington.

If this is your first time hiring this expert and you do not know where to look, do not panic. Talk to your relatives and friends and ask them for recommendations of reliable mould removal experts in your area. Those among them who have engaged experts for basement repair or crawlspace mould remediation in Leamington should be able to give you valuable referrals.

An online search is also a good way to find a reliable crawlspace mould removal expert in your area. Search for the top rated service providers in this field and read client reviews on them to know the good from the bad. Customer reviews are posted on each company’s website. However, it is advisable to look at client feedback on independent review sites to get unbiased opinions on different mould removal experts.

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