Are you interested in electronic cigarettes and other vaping products? What about “Juuling?” As an e-cig business owner, how can you get a reliable and affordable e-cig merchant account? This article will give answers to your questions.


The Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

The popularity of vaping products is growing. Creative manufacturers have come up with unique vaping devices, which are sparking a new trend among teens. These products target a specific group of consumers, have intriguing names, and are designed with sleek, stealthy new styles.

According to the professionals in the field of drug abuse prevention, teen consumers are the main demographic for products like The Blu, The Bo, The Solo, and The Juul. The latter, which has recently become highly popular, looks like a mini USB. It can also plug into a computer.

As you may know, buying, possessing or using vaping devices or gels is illegal for those under 18 in South Dakota and in the majority of states.

It wasn’t long ago when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave the authority to regulate electronic nicotine delivery devices. The products haven’t been present in the market for a long time so to have a complete understanding of their impact on health.

When it comes to businesses in the vaping industry, many are interested in starting an e-cig business. It should be mentioned that since the industry is considered high risk, it’s critical to turn to a reputable high risk processor so to get an e-cig merchant account with fewer challenges and with lower rates.


“Juuling” Is Popular Among Kids

Kids are “Juuling.” You can nowadays see many students waiting eagerly for their teachers to turn their backs so take out their small, sleek device (Juul) that can easily be concealed in one’s palm. These devices resemble a flash drive, store nicotine. The vapor cloud is small and can disperse quickly. So, teachers are usually unable to notice what’s going on.

Juuls, currently popular electronic cigarettes, are a sensation among teens. This is especially true of wealthier neighborhoods. For school administrators and public health advocates, they’re a nightmare.

A school principal notes that electronic cigarettes started appearing on his campus in 2017. Soon, Juul turned into the most popular brand.

The hype associated with Juul might die down. However, vaping isn’t expected to go away, according to the principal. Vaping may remain in the fabric of adolescence. Why? The access to these products is too easy. The draw is extremely great. The push through advertising is impactful and significant.

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