There are a variety of mattresses on the market to choose from. It is important to choose a mattress that will be comfortable to sleep on. Amongst the choices available, the best and most popular is the latex mattress. Not all mattresses made of latex have the same quality or are of the same type. There are some viewable differences that you ought to be aware of when shopping for the best type of Prince George organic mattress. Latex is a byproduct of polymer micro particle emulsion. The material is extracted from rubber tree sap. There are also some other saps, which come in different colours like orange and yellow, which are extracted from other plants. This provides variation in the different kinds of mattresses.

Natural Latex and Synthetic Latex – The foam of the natural latex does not contain any harmful chemicals. Synthetic latex, on the other hand, is completely the opposite. 100 percent natural latex is used to make latex foam, hence this makes it more expensive than synthetic latex. According to mattress experts, 100 percent natural latex ismore durable than synthetic varieties, since natural latex contains natural components.

The only advantage a synthetic mattress has over the natural ones is that they are less expensive, making them more affordable than the natural ones. If you put the cost factor aside, you will find out that when focusing on the health benefits of both mattresses, then synthetic mattresses have been left behind by natural foam mattresses. Natural ones are not only safer for your skin, but are also less likely to get infested with mould. Natural foams are also known for their resistance to dust mites and bacteria.

There are different types of latex mattresses, which include those made of Dunlop and Talalay latex. The manufacturing processes for different latex foam mattresses tend to differ from each other. The most common of these manufacturing processes is the Talalay process. It is among the most sophisticated way of manufacturing mattresses. The mold in this process is first filled with a mixture of latex, after which it is put into another process called a vacuum. The method of freezing is then applied on it, making the mattress more stable and durable. The fact that this procedure is the most sophisticated makes the cost factor of that mattress intensify. Hence, a Prince George organic mattress manufactured through this process will obviously be more expensive.

The Dunlop process of manufacturing mattresses, on the other hand, is one of the traditional processes used to make a latex mattress in Prince George. It is similar to the Talalay process, but the difference is that it does not undergo some steps. Foam is not frozen in the Dunlop process, but rather baked, which makes the bottom and edge of the mattress firmer. This process brings about overall firmness, while the Dunlop process adds firmness to only the edge and the bottom of those latex mattresses.

With knowledge of different types of mattresses, you are now well-equipped to choose, according to your preferences, the best Prince George organic mattress.

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