Even though it was once only for the rich and famous, modern memorial services have increasingly become a popular way to celebrate a loved one. It is now customary for funerals to be small, private affairs, and then several months later, a wider circle comprised of acquaintances can attend an Etobicoke memorial service to commemorate or celebrate a person’s life.

What is the essence of an Etobicoke memorial service?

The service is arranged to give family and friends closure. It additionally gives the extended family a great opportunity to meet and remember the connection they had with the departed.

How an Etobicoke Memorial Service Differs From a Typical Funeral

Four basic components make up the modern approach to a funeral service.

i. A Visitation
ii. The actual funeral service
iii. The Committal service
iv. The Reception

A memorial service is closely similar to a traditional funeral service in the sense that loved ones of the departed individual will have a visitation, which is the actual funeral service, and a reception to sum things up. However, the differentiating factor is that there is no casket. In its place, an urn is placed.

Why should you opt for a memorial service as opposed to a funeral service?

The benefit of having a memorial service is that it can happen many weeks or several months after your loved one has departed, which gives family members, friends, and acquaintances time to grieve and go to the funeral home. The extended time comes in handy as it can be used to better plan and prepare the funeral, thereby making the whole event as unique and as personal as the departed family member was in your lives.

Funeral Pre-Planning Services in Etobicoke

Funeral Pre-Planning Services allow you to take charge and choose your preferred end-of-life options. The opportunity to pre-plan your funeral gives you the power to choose between burial services and cremation, including many other details. Some of your funeral service choices include the following:

i. A variety of funeral packages
ii. Your preferred choice of cremation container or casket
iii. Music selections
iv. How to plan and arrange the memorial
v. Participants like family, friends, and acquaintances

These and many more decisions help you plan and organize a meaningful funeral or memorial service that meets your unique and specific wishes. Funeral pre-planning services eliminate the guesswork that would otherwise leave your family members wondering what you would have specifically wanted or wished for your funeral.

Just like estate planning, pre-planning your own funeral means you can make a clear-headed decision and save your family members the trouble of planning a funeral as they grieve. An ever-increasing number of individuals are opting for funeral pre-planning services for the following reasons:

i. Wishes are fulfilled.
ii. You spare your family and acquaintances the financial burden of planning the funeral.
iii. Save your family and friends lots of trouble during the difficult moments of grieving.
iv. You get the opportunity to discuss your plans and decisions in advance with your loved ones.
v. You basically freeze up funeral costs, meaning inflation does not affect your funeral costs.
vi. You could choose to make a one-time complete payment or monthly installments.

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