What do you do when your phone stops working? You switch it off for a few minutes, cross your fingers, power it up and pray for all problems to magically disappear. What do you do when your computer won’t connect to the Internet? You switch it off, let it cool down and hope that the problem will go away as mysteriously as it came. What do we do when we’re tired of the big city life and we can’t think straight? You’re right. I’m heading where you’re thinking. Perhaps it’s not that bad to unplug after all. And how exactly do you unplug? Now that’s a tough question. I’m sure your yoga trainer is in a better position to answer this. However, I can show you how to unplug without screwing up your daily life.

Quick question: How do burglars find their next target? They check where the mail is piling up. It’s an indicator that there’s no one around. Canadians lead busy lifestyles, and some of us get dozens of pieces of mail each month. Your mailbox shouldn’t be a dead giveaway, so you should learn about mail box rentals. Normally, packages are delivered to your doorstep. But, when you’re on holiday, there’s no one to collect them and it’s early Christmas for thieves. With Toronto mail box rentals, you can be sure that your packages won’t be damaged by the rain, or worse, stolen. You also get peace of mind knowing that there are no nosy neighbours reading your mail.

In the city, there are two things we can’t get enough of – time and space. We often find ourselves renting self storage units to keep all the stuff we don’t use regularly, but can’t let go of. It’s unfortunate that this is a man eat man society. When you’re on holiday, thieves will do anything to get their hands on your valuables. Never compromise on security when choosing a self storage unit in Toronto. Ensure that the unit is located in gated premises, there’s a strong security fence and there’s a guard on duty. You don’t want nasty surprises.

Stuck when trying to choose a destination? Do your research wisely. Let’s be honest, the Internet is a minefield. There are so many travel blogs offering professional advice on holiday destinations it’s hard knowing who’s real and who’s not. For every honest blog, there are ten others doing everything in their reach to make an affiliate buck – including misleading you. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff? There’s a quick trick I learned from a friend. Let’s say I’m on a blog recommending Florida. I check out what they think of my hometown first. If they’re giving an honest review, I’m reassured of their credibility. If it’s biased, I take everything they say with a pinch of salt.

Work within your budget. Can you relax with your guilty conscience reminding you that you’re squandering your savings? I doubt it. Figure out how much you’ll need for the whole trip and add a little more – especially if you’re planning on going all out. Live one day at a time and never forget to have fun. No one on their death bed regrets not spending enough time at the office.

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