Once you have decided to get into trade show exhibiting, the first thing to think about is the type of displays you will require. The type of trade show displays in Alberta you choose will depend on several factors. You will have to ask yourself a few basic questions, like the type of audience you wish to attract, how large the event will be, the location type, and the booth space size you are considering.

It is also important to think about the regularity of exhibiting and the manner in which you will transport your exhibit to the venue before determining which display type will be most suitable for you. Another important thing to consider is how much you intend to spend on the display. You should factor in the physical display itself, and lighting, banner stands, and all the accessories you will require. After determining all these things, it is now time to start evaluating different types of trade show displays in Alberta. Here is a look at the different display types available.

Pop-Up Displays

They are made of a lightweight, folding frame that is covered with magnetic backed fabric, plastic panels or vinyl. Pop-up displays come in floor or tabletop versions. The advantage of these displays is that they are easy to handle and cheaper to transport since they are lightweight.

Truss Displays

These displays are structured around aluminum or lightweight tubing, and they can be designed into different sizes and shapes, from complete booths to display walls, special exhibit features, entranceways, and islands. Truss displays can be highly configured for extra flexibility.

Tabletop Displays

This type of trade show display is suitable for small events. Tabletop displays normally have 3 panels with attached headlines and graphics that can be simply changed as well as updated. These displays are easy to transport, and they are the cheapest option. Tabletop displays are also more long-lasting than pop-up displays.

Banner Stands

Banner stands offer a simple, lightweight means of displaying corporate banners and other signage. The expert you choose to take care of your exhibition booth design in Edmonton will choose single, double or triple-sided banner stand models. You can use two stands placed together or even independently in different parts of your booth. Banner stands come with lighting to improve the image display. The advantage of these trade show displays is that they are lightweight, movable and durable.


Custom Trade Show Displays

Professional exhibit companies offer exhibition booth design in Edmonton, and they can help you design a custom display that will fit your needs. With custom displays, you can also fit in accessories such as countertops, cabinets, bridges, and backlighting. Most experts will give you a no-obligation design, as well as price quote for your suggested design, which allows you to compare your options before you commit to anything. The advantage of custom displays is that they are designed with your specific needs in mind.

There are different types of trade show displays in Alberta to choose from. You should be careful when making your choice to go for one that best suits your needs.

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