Many people want to get involved in the transport industry because it is fast-paced, and transport is always highly relevant to society. There are many plus points to transport management but also some negatives. Read on for a full analysis of what it means to be a transport manager.

Transport is a tough industry. It can be stressful with demanding shifts as the industry needs to meet 24-hour demands from clients. The role of transport managers is to plan the logistics of the transportation of goods including routes, drivers’ schedules, distribution of goods and passengers, budget requirements, and many other considerations.

UK and EU Laws and Regulations

It is important that transport managers are aware of the UK and EU laws and regulations of the industry and always act in accordance with these rules. Some of the laws govern health and safety, fuel emissions, vehicle safety, food hygiene, customs requirements and other laws depending on the items being transported.

The overall responsibility for the transportation of the goods lies with the transport manager. It is vital that the manager is fully qualified to carry out their role and understands the responsibilities involved. It is also crucial they ensure drivers have full HGV insurance. It is possible to research insurance at websites like, where users can find the right insurance type for them, covering the vehicle and specific needs in question.

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Standard, International and Restricted Operators

Qualified transport managers are required by standard and international operators. However, restricted operators are not required to have a transport manager who is qualified. In any case, you must have compliance across the operations or licenses could be revoked.

It isn’t as hard as it sounds to become a qualified transport manager. You can choose to study at home via distance learning, which can be the cheapest way to study. You can then take the examination when you are ready, after learning all the theory in your own time. Online study can give you access to classroom materials from your own computer. Many universities are even embracing distance learning as an alternative study route.

You could also opt for traditional classroom lessons, which can give more immediate support. There are four exam dates each year held throughout the UK, whether you are learning via distance learning or in a traditional classroom.

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