Whether you are in the commercial, marine, residential, oil and gas or industrial sector, you need to protect yourself, other people, your property, equipment and possessions from fire and other potential hazards. Luckily, you can find experts that offer reliable fire protection solutions and related services. These licensed, insured and experienced technicians are always committed to ensuring safety, environmental protection, as well as providing exceptional services.

Fire Protection in British Columbia

If you have a building or property that you would like to protect against fire damage and other hazards in British Columbia, you will find fire protection experts that can assist you. They have an enormous assortment of products and offer a range of services that can benefit clients in different industries. Whether you want a great fire suppression system or need comprehensive fire inspection in British Columbia, these experts have you covered. They normally offer:

1. Fire Inspection in British Columbia

The fire code for British Columbia requires every property to have properly installed, functional and well maintained fire detection and suppression systems in place. Whether you have a home, business, a manufacturing plant or a marine vessel, you need to ensure that they are installed with the right:

a) Heat detectors
b) Audible alarms
c) Smoke detectors
d) Emergency lighting systems
e) Telephone & paging notification systems
f) Fire suppression systems
g) Evacuation systems
h) Poll stations

When you contact these professionals, they will visit your property to inspect the systems that are in place, and determine whether they are fully functional and if they meet the industry standards. They will issue you a comprehensive report on their findings, together with recommendations.

2. Fire Suppression Solutions

The fire suppression experts are also renowned for providing complete and reliable design, installation, testing, as well as maintenance of different kinds of fire suppression systems. Some of the fire suppression products they offer include:

a) Fire Protection Fluids
b) Wet and dry fire suppressing chemicals
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) Foam systems
e) Water mist
f) Explosion prevention systems

3. Smoke Alarms

Having a good quality and fully functional smoke alarm on your property can save lives. In fact, the British Columbia fire code requires every home in the area to be installed with at least one working smoke alarm. Luckily, the fire protection companies usually offer a broad range of smoke alarms that have been designed to meet different requirements. Some of the alarms they offer include:

a) Ionization smoke alarms
b) Photoelectric smoke alarms
c) Carbon monoxide alarms

4. Portable Extinguishers

These experts also offer portable fire extinguishers which are ideal for industrial, marine, commercial or even residential use. They supply different kinds of fire extinguishers, so you can always get a model that suits your specific application. These include:

a) Foam Extinguishers
b) Dry Chemical Extinguishers
c) Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers
d) Chrome Extinguishers
e) Dry Powder Extinguishers
f) Water Extinguishers

These fire protection experts can also install, inspect and provide reliable maintenance of fire alarms, fire sprinklers, emergency lighting, fire hydrants, and special hazard suppression systems, among other things. Moreover, they only deal with quality products that meet the highest fire code standards. In case you require topnotch fire protection or fire inspection in British Columbia, they have you covered.

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