Any entrepreneur knows this – business cards are the very first point of contact between your clients and company. They help you engage your clients and also provide them with an avenue to learn more about your company. For cards to be effective, you need to ensure that they are well designed and are easy to understand.

Below are some tips to help you in creating a professional and distinctive business card that converts. Sure, companies that do digital printing will help you in making killer business cards in Edmonton, but it does not hurt to have the knowledge yourself.
Who, Where, What and Why?

This is obvious information, right? Well, you might be shocked to know that many individuals tend to forget all about it.

You should ensure that your name, the company name, logo and job title are clearly displayed on the business card. Give some thought to the contact details you want to include on the card. You want to provide as many points of contact for your clients without being spammy and making your card seem cluttered.

From experience, your email address, website and phone number are the most important. You can always do away with the physical address if your design does not have space for it.


Ensure it is readable

If you have a lot of information to put on your card, you might be tempted to shrink the font size. However, before you do, bear in mind that while small text may be readable on screen, it may appear like a smudge on your printed card.

A golden rule of thumb is to not go below 8pt. Also, the font style you choose should be simple and professional. Do not use some detailed calligraphy font style that makes it impossible to make out.


QR Codes

QR codes are by far the best way to save space on your card. They provide a neat way of providing information on business cards without necessarily making it seem cluttered. Additionally, they are simple ways of creating a link between your online content and printed work.

By simply scanning the QR codes with a smartphone, your clientele will be rerouted to your official website. Luckily, there are numerous free QR code generators online. As such, you do not need to be afraid of trying to figure this out.
Plain or colourful?

When bright colours are used in the right manner, they can make your business cards stand out and be distinct. This design tactic is used by creative and design businesses to help them appear exciting, fresh and original.
Plain white and black designs can also be striking and just as memorable as colourful cards are. They too can be thought of as being stylish if they are done right.



If you think that your black and white card design may turn out looking dull, try having some words embossed. Embossing will create a 3D effect that will add style and elegance to your card.

Embossing will also make your card more tactile. Engaging several senses at a time will help individuals recall your business.

When all is said and done, you should have your company for digital printing in Edmonton creates a simple design for you. Simplicity, believe it or not, resonates better with clients and customers.

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