Every business requires a reliable phone system to carry out the most basic of day-to-day communications. In the old days, proprietary phone systems could be quite expensive and were not always easy to reconfigure or scale up as your business grew in size.

Today, voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, enables companies to use broadband internet connections hosted by VoIP systems.

Here are just some of the many advantages of using a VoIP system:

1. Easy installation

Even without much technical know-how, IP phones are simple to install. You don’t need to have phone wire trailing throughout your property; instead, you set up a simple IP phone through an international VoIP wholesale provider and you are good to go.

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VoIP software makes it inexpensive and easy to add new users, and you can easily configure the system through a web portal. The only thing needed is an IP phone.

2. Your numbers follow you wherever you are

If you are expanding or rearranging your office, a VoIP system will enable users to reconfigure the system to suit their needs at any time through the web portal. What’s more, the system is great for companies that have employees who need to travel. You can divert calls to users no matter where in the world they are thanks to the cloud-hosted VoIP system.

3. It will save you money

Money saving is one of the most immediate reasons that businesses are switching to VoIP systems. In days gone by, telephone systems were expensive, reconfiguring took time, and physical system changes and repairs and maintenance could be ongoing and expensive.

A VoIP system supplied by a reputable international VoIP wholesale provider such as https://www.idtexpress.com/ will save on installation costs, and calls will be significantly cheaper. International calls will also be much cheaper, offering huge savings without a large capital investment.

4. Features supported

All your favourite features are supported, including call transfer, call hold, find me, and conference calling.

5. VoIP integrates with other systems

As they are internet-based, VoIP systems integrate easily with other business applications. You can place outbound phone calls through Outlook and bring up information on a customer with their inbound calls.

Voicemails can be accessed through workers’ emails. Some systems even give you a transcript of the message, meaning notes are already made for you.


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