Traditional routes for marketing rely heavily on communicating to customers via ways they can see or hear. Sometimes it relies on things they can taste and feel too, but the last of the senses to be targeted through marketing, is smell. We take a look at how and why scents in marketing can be so powerful.

You can’t switch it off

Unlike your eyes and ears which you can close or cover, you can’t really block out scent. But even more than that, with so much visual and audio information being emitted all the time, scent can be used to cut out never-ending visual and sound clutter that customers are receiving.

Scents and the subconscious

We smell when we breath, without thinking, and any scents that our brains stumble across can subconsciously trigger certain memories or emotions. This is where scent advertising can be so powerful, evoking for instance, the past. Given that 95% of our purchasing decision is thought to be subconscious anyway, helping it along with a memory-triggering scent can make a big difference.

Scents and brand awareness

It has been claimed that brands with a scented logo have a higher chance of being remembered by customers than one which does not. This doesn’t mean adding scent to your products, but to the space. This is especially successful in hotels, gyms and retail stores. If a place smells good, we are likely to want to return. Those new to this concept will find options for scent marketing found online at Mood Media, a company leading the way in this new and exciting method of marketing.

The power of multi-sense marketing

Some studies have found that when more than one sense is engaged at a time, it can have a seriously big effect on sales. A video ad for coffee played alongside the emission of the scent of roasted coffee beans, for instance, saw a 300% increase in coffee sales in one US petrol station. Without the scent, sales increase by just 75% with the video ad alone

Scent has the power to cut through the visual and audio clutter that surrounds us, whilst also transporting our brains to places that trigger happy memories and emotions. Currently fairly untapped, the potential for scent in marketing is huge, with effectiveness increased when other senses are engaged at the same time.

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