As a part of their functions, banking institutions are expected to keep their customer’s money safe at all cost. It would be their money and credibility loss if something happened to one of their branches. Therefore, the construction and installation of a reliable bank security system are one of the things that need to be considered when building a new branch.

Bank designs and construction is always changing to fit the current need of the establishment. It is always a good practice to have the latest security system installed and maintained. Here are the things to take note when acquiring a bank security system install to your building.


An Access Control System is the one responsible for monitoring who is able to enter the most important part of the building. In the banking environment, this system monitors and provide access to those who are authorized to be in the records, highly important equipment, or in the vault.

In order to be considered a good ACS, the system should be able to accurately scan user credentials and be able to block unauthorized users. At the same time, the system should not have any problem giving access to the authorized users.


Security Alarm System is a system that is designed to ring an alarm when an intruder is in an important area or building. This system is supposed to work with the ACS and should give the first and last defense against burglars and intruders.

A good Security Alarm System should easily detect an intrusion and is not easy to bypass by the bad guys. Once bypassed, the system becomes useless. In addition to its top-tier detection, a SAS should have security measures on its own to detect bypass attempts. The SAS is also expected to work seamlessly with ACS and CCTV or the surveillance system to have the optimal security and protection.


Closed-circuit television surveillance or CCTV systems are designed to record the activities and everything that happened at all times. CCTVs are hidden in the areas to record activities of the bank’s employees as well as the activities of the intruder when a theft happened.

A good CCTV system is able to record all the activities everywhere in the establishment. It should work in sync with the ACS and SAS to form a solid overall security system. Having CCTV in unknown places also add a level of security against employees who plan to do unethical deeds.


The first layer of security is issuing a photo ID for employees and visitors. Just like the other systems mentioned, this should work with the Access Control System, which handles the restriction of access. A proper photo ID should contain a clear view of the user’s face and name. It is also recommended to have a video badging system or a way of capturing a facial image data so that the intruder could be identified via recognition systems. A decent CCTV system camera resolution is recommended for video badging.

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