If you work out of an office building, you’ve probably noticed that things can get uncomfortable during periods of extreme weather. Not only that, but if your office is located on a lower floor, you can often get the uncomfortable feeling of being watched by passersby. Whether you’re sick of feeling like you’re working in a fishbowl environment or you simply want your workers to have a bit more relief from sun exposure during the summer, tinted windows could be the answer. It’s not difficult to have professionals come and do window tint installation, and the upfront cost of the procedure could end up saving you money in heating, cooling, and even year-long lighting bills. It’s not just about your office’s internal temperature, either. Installing window tinting could help give your office a more professional appearance from the inside out. If you’re thinking about installing window tinting but still have reservations, here some things to consider.

1. Save on Cooling

It might not seem like installing a bit of built-in shade onto your office windows can make a huge difference, but don’t be fooled: When it comes to heating and cooling an entire office, letting half the natural heat escape through unprotected windows won’t do you any favors. Using tinting will help your office windows stay energy efficient, keeping your offices cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. That adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings during a single year. When the sun is allowed to directly infiltrate your offices, on the other hand, you could end up paying unnecessarily high cooling bills while having to deal with the unpleasant glare of the midday sun.

2. Protect Your Office From Damage

Sunlight doesn’t just cause an office to become uncomfortably hot in the middle of the day. It can also do a fair amount of damage to your office furniture, your equipment, and the health of your employees. While many newer windows have built-in protection from UV rays, a lot of the time it’s simply not enough to adequately protect employees from sun exposure or to prevent any fading and damage to your office. Leaving sensitive objects like computers, printers, and fax machines exposed to direct light could potentially take years off their lives, leaving you to foot the bill for a bunch of new appliances far sooner than you expected.

3. Let in the Light

Everyone loves basking in the sunlight. As long as the harmful aspects of the sunlight don’t interfere, there’s no reason why workers shouldn’t enjoy the natural daylight. Window tinting allows offices to take advantage of the sun’s natural light without having to deal with glaring or sun damage, which leads to long-term savings and a much better work environment. Having to turn on fluorescent lights won’t just cost you money, it could have an effect on your employees’ mental health in the long run. Natural sunlight isn’t just pleasant to work in, it actually increases our serotonin levels, making it an effective antidote to seasonal depression. Getting to enjoy every available minute of daylight while at work can seriously brighten the collective mood of your staffers. Why not enjoy the sunlight from behind a solid layer of protection that never quits?

4. Protect Your Privacy

These days, privacy is a huge concern for companies that keep most of their data online. As technology has gotten more sophisticated, so have hackers and data thieves. Believe it or not, your untinted, unprotected windows could end up being the source of a serious data breach in your company. Not installing the right protection on your windows could give hackers easy access to anything that’s in view, including sensitive information on a desktop, laptop, or a printed page. Since office buildings located in high-rises aren’t used to shielding their information from view, this can lead to the kind of carelessness in the work environment that gets companies in big trouble. Just because your office is located on the top floor doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do everything you can to ensure data privacy for your workers and clients.

5. Keep It Professional

What’s more professional than a sleek, cool, efficient office? Only an office that goes that extra mile to keep data protected, employees feeling their best, and office furniture and accouterments free from any sun damage. There’s nothing worse than walking into an office that’s been totally wrecked by years of fading and soiling. Window tinting won’t just help you keep a cool, temperature-controlled environment to keep clients and visitors comfortable in. It will help you put your business’s best face forward by keeping everything looking clean, fresh, and new.


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