We live in a digital age wherein the boundaries of trade and market are becoming obsolete by the day. Most of the major fleet operators and transportation companies operate across national and international territories. In such a seamless market, it is obvious that the fleet management activities have to be carried out in an equally seamless and digital manner. Companies are increasingly looking at technologies such as AI automation and cloud to enhance their operational efficiencies and capabilities. That’s why a world-class fleet management software is the ideal option for fleet operators since it provides the following benefits:

360 degrees visibility: In the advanced transportation management software, visibility element of the TMS goes far beyond merely tracking the vehicular movement. Today, a futuristic cloud-based transportation management software offers holistic visibility of the entire process starting from the booking till the invoicing.

Optimum resource management: The need for running optimum operations has never been greater than in the post-pandemic world. There has to be maximum utilization of all available resources since there is a recurring possibility of restrictions and supply chain disruptions. A world-class fleet management software is going to offer you not only the ability to plan optimally, but also a library of dynamic rules and regulations which will help you manage the processes even if the booking requests surge.

Smart location and navigation planning: An advanced cloud-based transportation management software uses AI and machine learning algorithms in tandem with navigation and weather forecasting data. This enables preparation of optimized routes and accurately predicting the ETAs. Thus, delivery precision is enhanced and customers’ trust and loyalty is boosted.

Integrations: Today’s cloud-based transportation management software focus not only on vehicular tracking or route planning, but it also works as a seamless ecosystem integrating various components such as the carriers, customers, agents, marketplaces, warehouses and IoT components such as telematics, sensors and sorters etc.

Mobility: In the anytime, anywhere age of working, a world class fleet management software offers smartphone access through integrated drivers’ app offering functions such as booking request creation, approvals, generation of invoices, alerts and delivery proofs etc.

Capacity augmentation: A cloud based fleet management software is capable of resolving capacity issues through an integrated tendering facility wherein it is possible to digitally release tenders and receive quotes.

Using modern fleet management software has a unique advantage over legacy systems as it offers a seamless, single window management of entire fleets located at different places. You can use it as a transportation hub that can integrate, manage, track and maintain the different fleets. Through the maintenance/workshop module, you can keep track of the maintenance schedule of each vehicle. You get complete visibility of each vehicle status and can even smartly plan fleet retirement activities. Further, it allows the transportation companies to make better use of the fleets through the smart vehicle matching with load.

Best-in-class fleet management software also integrates with other modules such as the warehouse management system, hub management and features like Rating and Billing.

Last, but not the least, an advanced transportation management software ensures seamless international compliance and helps in avoiding penalties or lapses related to the same. Hence, for any transportation business to thrive, a globally compliant fleet management software is an essential need!

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