To some, it may be a surprise that there are numerous pages on the Internet dedicated to providing information on tankless water heaters and solar water heating systems. But considering that water heating contributes a whopping 12% to most families’ utility bills (for some it’s even higher), it should not come as a surprise that many people are looking into ways they can make their domestic water heating more efficient.
True, not everyone has the financial strength to purchase new and efficient water heaters. However, everyone has the ability to use less water and consequently save on energy bills. Whether you are looking for low-cost improvements, no-cost changes in your habits or significantly large investments including new water appliances and heaters, there is something for you in the list below.

  1. It is best that you stick to taking short showers rather than taking baths. However, the cost that you save as a result of the change is dependent on your family and how far they are willing to push this change. Long hot showers use a lot of hot water compared to taking baths in a tub full of water. But even the latter can end up being expensive, especially if you have those huge and luxurious tubs. Long and warm baths are a luxury. For daily cleaning, take short showers instead. Actually, if you can manage, try turning off the water as you soap yourself up.
  2. Lower the heating temperature to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Every 10
    degrees Fahrenheit reduction in the water heater temperature has the potential to save you about 5% on heating costs.
  3. Install heat traps on the hot water tank in Winnipeg. This will save you a considerable amount of cash on the water heating bill. For this installation, you just might need to hire a professional. If you buy a new hot water tank, it will come with heat traps already installed.
  4. Insulate the boilers in Winnipeg. If you have an electric boiler in Winnipeg, you should ensure that you do not cover its thermostat. In the case of oil or natural gas hot water tanks, you should ensure that you leave the heater’s bottom and top thermostat uncovered.
  5. Insulate several feet of the cold and hot water pipes that are connected to the hot water tank. This insulation will complement the tank’s insulation and help preserve the energy.
  6. Buy and install a timer that will turn off the electric water heater during the night and all times that the system is not in use. You could also use the timer to turn off the thermostat during your utility provider’s peak demand times.


  1. You should also consider purchasing a brand new water heater. You should not feel limited to using traditional hot water heaters. You just might come across some efficient heating options that are better for you to use.



If saving on utility bills is your priority, you should work to implement any of the above tips and tricks. You could even combine some for better results.


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