There are lots of stories of entrepreneurs who succeeded when they chose to invest in franchises. Franchises allow you to get started immediately. You don’t need to build the business from scratch. You have a business model that the franchisor has already tested. You also have support in buying and maintaining the equipment necessary to run the business.

Despite the help given by the franchisor, there are still other factors that might affect the success of this endeavour. These are some of the challenges you need to prepare for.

Number of existing franchises in the area 

You need to find out if there are existing franchises in the area. You don’t want to compete with each other unless there is a vast market out there. For instance, you might see two of the same fast food restaurants in the same shopping mall. Franchisors allow this because the market is big. For limited potential customers, it is not a good idea having two franchises that are too near each other.

Direct competitors

Aside from the same franchise, you also need to know if other companies of a similar nature exist within the area. If you feel like you can compete with them head-on, you can pursue this plan. However, if you feel like they are too big and you can’t get even a small share of the market, you need to rethink the idea.

Experience in running a business

Even if you decide to buy a franchise, you still need experience to do well. You shouldn’t buy a children’s franchise if you haven’t worked in the education sector in the past. The business might be too far removed from your expertise. Even if the franchise looks good, your lack of understanding of the industry could hamper your potential for success.


You need to find a site that is perfect for the type of business that you are running. You can rent a place in huge malls or shopping centres if you are willing to pay a high rental cost. Despite the price, you see tons of potential for income. You also need to check if it is easy to access the place. People need to quickly find you if they want to buy your products or avail of the services you offer.

Financial capacity 

Before you even buy a franchise, you need to check if you have the financial capability to do so. Franchises are quite expensive, especially for major brands. However, there are low cost franchises that are still worth investing in. You need to see how much you can afford before you decide which franchise to buy. Apart from the fees, you will also encounter other financial problems. You will have overhead expenses as the business starts to commence. You need to prepare yourself to face all these economic challenges.

There might be lots of challenges along the way, but you can succeed if you choose wisely. You also need to work hard to overcome these challenges.


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