If you want to ensure that your building is safe from fire damage should a fire occur, then you must fit it with high performance fire protection systems. And there are fully-equipped, full service fire protection companies that are capable of meeting all of your fire protection needs. These companies have fire protection specialists that can provide effective installation, testing, inspection as well as servicing and maintenance of different fire protection systems.

Reputable Fire Protection Companies in Calgary

If you have a residential, commercial, institutional or industrial building that needs to be fitted or retrofitted with any type of fire protection system in Calgary, there are fire protection companies that are well-equipped to handle these things. They usually offer exceptionally fast, accurate and very innovative solutions that suit different applications. They offer some of the most unique fire suppression systems, and fire controllers in Calgary. They offer:

1. Fire Pumps and Fire Controllers in Calgary

These are typically control panel devices containing certain electrical components like relays, circuit breakers and even switches that help in the operation of the fire pumps. Ideally, the devices are normally connected between a sprinkler riser and the waterline’s inlet side. Driven by a diesel or electric motor, fire pumps are mainly installed in places where the water pressure may not be sufficient for a conventional sprinkler system. The fire protection companies have highly-trained specialists that can design, install and even repair different types of fire pumps and fire controllers in Calgary.

2. Wet Sprinkler Systems

Having a simple design, wet sprinkler systems are reliable fire suppression systems in Calgary that are usually linked to the water source via a piping system that has automatic sprinklers. Ideally, the system’s design allows the sprinkler head to open and start dispersing water whenever a fire outbreak is detected. It is a cost-effective, low-maintenance and durable fire suppression system that will significantly reduce the risks of fire damage. Note that these systems are only ideal for use in those buildings that are not easily prone to freezing temperatures.

3. Dry Sprinkler Systems

For these systems, pressurized air or nitrogen gas is normally used in the piping. When there is a huge fire, the system’s automatic sprinklers will be triggered once the rising temperatures have surpassed a certain threshold. This will then lead to the opening of the sprinkler head, allowing the air that is occupying the piping to quickly ventilate through. A drop in the piping’s air pressure will result in the opening of the dry pipe valve, which will in turn allow water to gush through the piping and get dispersed to the affected areas via the sprinkler head. They are the best kinds of systems to use in those areas that are easily prone to freezing conditions.

The fire protection companies also offer special hazard systems, deluge systems, pre-action systems and anti-freeze sprinkler systems. They have years of experience in the fire protection industry and will offer you quality, reliable and cost-effective fire suppression systems that will guarantee you long-term service. Whether you need quality sprinkler systems or fire controllers in Calgary, they have you covered.

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