Today’s retail stores face the biggest challenges of any time in their history. Online purchases continue to soar every year and will soon overtake purchases made in-store for some industries. What should you do to create a superior in-store experience and make sure customers return to your premises? Read on to explore some excellent ways to create a superb retail experience.

Events and interactive displays

The store is no longer simply a place where purchases are made, as these can now be made online. Instead, the store of the future will act as the physical embodiment of your brand and will need to be a place where a consumer has an experience instead of simply buying a product. In-store entertainment has been dubbed “retailtainment” and is forecast to become a major aspect of retail stores in the future.

What are retail experiences? Experiences can range from interactive displays to rides, games and even chances to try out products. Events are another option. Booksellers have been holding one-off events in the form of book signings for decades, years before the rest of the retail world got involved. Take heed from booksellers and host product launches.

Feel-good festive experiences

Any store that is not taking advantage of the extra footfall at Christmas is seriously missing out. Make sure that customers have an excellent in-store experience at Christmas in your store; perhaps consider hosting a Santa’s grotto.

In store Music

In store music provided by leading firms such as will continue to be a key way to improve the store experience for shoppers. Music can reflect your brand and can be used to slow shoppers down, quicken them up, or even affect their mood!

Engage the senses

Remember that shoppers aren’t just aroused by what they can see and hear; you need to engage all five senses. That means making sure your store smells great and that there are plenty of hands-on items to feel and try. This could be your products or interactive displays. Don’t forget taste. Food samples, cooking lessons, demos and even free sweets at the till can all help with engaging that all-important sense.

Make sure your retail store doesn’t get left behind and start creating some superb in-store experiences for your customers today.

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