Sponsorship activation is a smart way of gathering new customers without promoting your brand digitally. This made it easy to track any online as well as the offline campaign. When talking about sponsorship activation, there are a few ways that can help you track activations.

Track Activations through RFID:

RFID is the acronym of Radio Frequency Identification. It is useful in the digital world, where you can’t collect data in bulk. Instead, RFID is easy to track as it works with a swipe or tap. Visitors are required to wear RFID bands or badges that can be used to store their personal information. Simultaneously, the sponsors can use this information to mark their presence and collect the data accordingly. Before RFID, sponsors either require data through registration forms or individuals. However, not every individual is supportive enough to share his/her details.

Track Activations through Event Apps:

Today, most of the events are conducted through online sources. This makes it easy to find new customers and get their details without asking them personally. Every visitor has to register their information in the event app before any event starts. Hence, whenever a visitor attends your booth/window, you can either scan your QR code or note the visitor’s ID to collect his/her information.

Track Activations through Social Media:

Social Media has today become a giant marketing tool that not only helps to collect user data but also binds new customers with your brand. Through social media, you can gather user’s information. However, you are limited to count those people who showed their interest in your services. Even though there isn’t any restriction in data collection, still gathering non-interested data won’t deliver you positive results. Hence it’s preferred to consider only interested users.

In Social Media, you have personal messaging, social feed, comments, etc. as the ultimate options to collect user’s data.

Track Activations through Surveys:

Running surveys is the conventional method to measure/track your sponsorship activations. For proper tracking, it’s essential to ask the attendees about their opinion. The most common questions that people ask in a survey include ‘which brand you love the most,’ ‘what makes you choose X brand,’ ‘why makes X brand different from others’, and many more similar queries. Through the survey, you can evaluate your brand reputation in a live event. Further, you can check out your brand engagement and common loopholes that might distract your customers towards competitors.

So, these are two primary options that you can choose to track sponsorship activations and plan your future marketing strategies accordingly.

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Do you want more expert knowledge about sponsorship activation? Let us know in the comment section what pointers you want to know. Also, share your opinion on how you used sponsorship activation for branding and your experience with this offline marketing campaign.

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