Almost everyone is on some sort of social media platform today. Whether it’s your grandma who keeps up with everyone from Facebook, your daughter who posts about her life in photos on Instagram or your LinkedIn profile you use to engage and connect with professionals, online is where you need to be for increased marketing, connectivity and engagement. If you’re looking to build a brand for a business with Jukin Media, start a personal venture or launch a passion project, don’t forget about the benefits of social media. It’s still free to use (thankfully!) and can really help you grow a network and group of followers. Here are three reasons to dive into social media instead of avoiding it.

 1. Social media doesn’t discriminate based on age.

There’s a misconception only certain demographics use social media, and you’ll only reach specific groups of people on each platform. The truth is that nearly everyone is on different platforms. While your grandma probably isn’t super into TikTok, and some are more widely used based on demographics, the thought that certain ages don’t use social media is incorrect. More and more people are staying home during lockdowns and a new normal brought on by COVID-19 which means people are trying to engage and stay connected with people they may not get to see as much since more people are home. Pre-pandemic, social networking was popular, but now social media has grown more than ever before with a more online-focused society.

2. People enjoy seeing a brand of who you are.

People like feeling connected and engaged with others, even if they’ve never officially met. If you were launching a political campaign or opening a small business, you’d do better in both fields if people could find information about you online. People love doing research, so the more they can find out, the more comfortable they’ll be voting for you or shopping at your store. You can use different platforms to highlight unique elements about yourself, but you want to establish a cohesive brand. Maybe Facebook will go more into your beliefs and goals since you can write more while Instagram can give people a deeper look into who you are and what you do through photos. The better brand you establish, the better off you’ll be at generating engagement and acceptance of your product, company or organization.

3. Social media fosters community.

So many people use social media and get involved online because they want to feel part of a community. There are Facebook groups for almost every interest. If you love to knit, own a wiener dog or love pickles more than life, there’s most likely an online social media group for that. Generating community by launching a social media site is key to making people feel a part of something bigger than themselves and ultimately gives people a group of friends they may never meet in person but have a ton in common with.

If you’ve been on the fence about social media, just know it’s here to stay. While it may seem overwhelming to get involved, the benefits far outweigh the fears of being a part of the social media world.

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