Work injuries can be some of the most difficult to recover from, depending on the type of job you have. A fall on a construction site may result in catastrophic injuries, while one that takes place in an office may not. Regardless, understanding some of the most common ways workers get hurt on the job may help you pay extra attention to your surroundings and your body. Explore the types of work incidents that most often result in an injury.

Car Accidents

An accident can make traveling the roads difficult, especially when you’re the one in the crash. If you are on the wrong end of a collision while on the clock, however, the incident may be covered by the employer’s insurance. There are specific parameters that must be met for this to be the case. An accident during your daily commute does qualify unless you stop to perform a work-related task. A workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon has more information on what does and doesn’t apply.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Many people may not know that performing the same job over and over may do serious damage to your body. Typing especially can take a toll on the wrists and hands, resulting in the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. This injury develops due to the repetitive motion and strain put on the ligaments in the forearm. When the ligaments swell, they may compress the ulnar nerve, which runs down the middle. The result is painful, aching and tingling hands and wrists.


A slip or trip and fall may occur anywhere, but when it happens at work, it may be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Conditions must exist, making the possibility of a fall likely. For example, a construction site littered with debris or a piece of damaged tile in an office may all lead one or more people to find themselves on the ground after a trip.

Dealing with a workers’ compensation injury may seem impossible, but with the right resources and help, you can get through it.

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