For businesses that want to create distinctive, instantly recognizable brands, a trademark is an essential tool. Not only does a trademark instantly communicate a company’s uniqueness, a registered trademark makes a business seem more professional and legitimate.

But registering a trademark is a time-consuming and complicated process. In Canada, it can take anywhere from twelve to eighteen months from the beginning of the application process to the final allowance.

In this time, a company may need to deal with requests for changes from the government, or even challenges from third parties — and this is on top of the extensive research needed to find out whether or not the trademark is already being used by another company.

For this reason, it is becoming increasingly common for companies that want to make sure their application goes as smoothly as possible to work with lawyers who specialize in intellectual property and trademark application processes. If you are considering applying to register a trademark for your business, here are three ways trademark experts can help you navigate the application process:

1.Comprehensive Searches

In many cases it is necessary to undergo a wide-ranging search of government registries and common-law usages before an application can be made to determine whether the trademark (or a very similar one) is currently being used.

Trademark experts have the experience and knowledge necessary to undertake this search in a quick and efficient manner, and will be able to provide a comprehensive trademark clearance report upon completion. In some cases, they may even provide a legal opinion drafted by lawyers summarizing the clearance report and offering advice as to the likelihood of the application’s eventual success.

2.Flat Fees

Unlike many other law firms, trademark lawyers working for companies like offer their services for a flat rate. Given the complexities involved in registering a trademark, and the fact that there are multiple points in the process at which government agencies may request changes to the trademark or third parties can challenge it, a flat rate guarantees that you will know the full cost of the registration before starting the process.

3.Streamlined Proces

Tasks always take longer when you’re doing them for the first time. While it is possible to file an application to register a trademark without the legal expertise provided by trademark experts, the experience trademark agents bring to the process allows them to create a more streamlined process.

Given how much time and energy it takes to apply to register a trademark, it doesn’t make sense to risk having the application denied due to issues experienced trademark lawyers could have caught and dealt with earlier in the process.

A trademark is one of the most immediate and powerful ways for a company to make a good first impression, and protecting your trademark by registering it is important. With help from trademark lawyers at companies like The Trademark Shop, registration is easy and painless. Get in touch with a trademark expert today to find out how to get started!


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