Promotional products and election campaigns have been closely tied for years. They are a powerful tool to spread the word about a candidate/ political party. Careful selection of promotional product is important for effective campaigning. You need to choose a product people will find useful.

If not, the product will rest inside a closet for years and the amount invested on the products is wasted. The primary aim of campaigning is to let more people know about a particular party’ goals and thereby gain peoples’ attention and trust. To achieve these goals, you ought to choose a durable product people would use for long. Check out the popular picks.

Top customized promotional products for election campaigns:

Reusable bags: Bags have a considerable amount of surface area to include you campaign messages. If you are looking for high-quality, affordable full color printed bags, check Custom Earth Promos. They are the leading manufacturers of eco-friendly reusable bags in the US and offer full customization. Bags sever several purposes and people would use it to for years for:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Carrying books or other supplies
  • Beach days

Yard signs:

Though this may seem like an odd recommendation for campaigns, yard signs are a popular requested item. Members and supporters of a political party put up a yard sign to show their support which in turn serves as a conversation-starter about the party in the neighborhood.

Reusable face masks:

Aren’t face masks the hottest trend right now? With more emphasis right now on wearing masks, you can use it to your advantage and have them customized with your campaign logos. Masks being an everyday mandatory accessory during the pandemic are an affordable and functional promotional product.

Hand fans:

It is good idea to give away hand fans during campaigns held outdoors or at rallies. Giving someone an item, they need, no matter how small would always be appreciated. Outdoor events that are held during the hot summer months get attendees sweaty and customized hand fans work great to create a good impression.

Campaign pins:

This old-school trick does a good job in establishing your support for a particular political party. You can distribute it during rallies and meetings.


T-shirts are a popular way to show one’s support for a particular candidate. They are affordable and purchased in bulk and would be used for months following the campaigning. They are a practical and functional item that receivers use for a long time.


Pens are daily tools for any adult. Though everyone possesses a fair number of pens, there is nothing like too much pens and they serve as everyday walking advertisements. Pens are super-affordable and easily customizable.


Umbrellas aren’t meant only for bad weather. They are a stylish accessory suitable for use all year round. A trendy branded umbrella meets you campaign goals and offers a great deal of exposure for your political party.

Frequent use of the promotional products spreads the word about your political party faster. Choose a high-quality product which would be used for long for the success of your campaign.


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