A trade, labour or workers union is basically a group of workers or like-minded individuals that come together to have greater bargaining power in regards to different issues concerning employees of a particular company or organization. Ideally, the unions have committed and understanding representatives that can fearlessly negotiate with employers on behalf of their union members on a range of issues, including employee benefits.

Why Join a Workers Union in Canada?

If you reside or work in Canada, and are looking for a reliable workers union to help make your job fairer and your workplace safer, there are renowned trade unions that can come in handy. The seasoned union representatives at these unions can organize a one-on-one meeting with their members to determine their grievances. They will then champion their specific rights by negotiating a viable collective agreement with the employer. Some of the key reasons why workers join unions include:

1. Collective Bargaining

Ideally, collective bargaining is always at the heart of every labour union. Here, the workers of a company or organization usually band together to increase their negotiating power and work out a collective agreement with their employers. For instance, if there is a safety measure that the workers feel should be implemented at their workplace, through the union, the entire workforce can pressure their company or employer to implement the same.

2. Better Pay

Statistical findings in Canada show that in general, unionized workers are paid much higher remunerations than the non-unionized ones. This is because the union membership allows both you and your colleagues to negotiate fair pay through the union representatives. The union will fight to ensure that each of their members is fairly compensated in line with their qualifications, commitment, experience and length of service.

3. Employee Benefits in Canada

By joining a union, you will also enjoy a range of benefits that most non-unionized workers do not get. Their aim is not just to ensure better remunerations and good working conditions for their members, but also ensure their overall well-being and the well-being of their families and dependents, while they are employed and even after they have retired. Some of the benefits they may fight for include medical insurance, pensions, paid vacation, personal holidays, overtime premiums, and sick pay.

  1. Safer Workplaces

Each year, hundreds or thousands of Canadian workers are killed at their workplaces due to poor working conditions. However, upon joining a union, you together with your colleagues will have full support from the union to help you fix the safety and health hazards at your workplace. They will ensure that the employees have protective gear, the right tools, equipment and technologies that will enhance their safety while on duty.

The union will also enable you to enjoy job security and tenure, predictable hours, better training, as well as equality and fairness at the workplace, among other benefits. Moreover, the union representatives and other staff members are usually elected from the union members, so they understand the plight of the people they represent. Whether you would like to obtain a substantial collective agreement, or want both you and your colleagues to enjoy employee benefits, these unions can help you to achieve that.

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