Are you looking for an event organizer and you have any idea about how to face with he or she and what to ask first? Here we are with a few questions you can ask an event planner in order to well understand how he or she could help your business to grow.

1 – How does an event organizer choose the right venue?

The location is the largest expense when you plan an event so it is very important to choose the right one according to business goals, client’s needs and the budget, of course.

First of all, a professional event organizer has strong research skills. It means that he or she is able to quickly find a good number of possible venues, to analyze their pluses and minus, and to imagine how your show should perform in a similar set.

Also, a good planner has a large number of relationships. It means that he or she is familiar with many locations and he or she knows their managers in person, so that it allows you to ask for more details and information about the venue.

2. How an event planner faces unexpected situations?

Unexpected situations as well as last-minute changes are very frequent. For example, you can think about the weather changes especially in the summertime. It is not so unusual for a summer storm to break out in the midst of August so, if you are planning an open air event, you have always to foresees a plan Bs (and Cs too!).

Some exceptional situations can be predicted and managed easily by planning an alternative way to manage the show. Others can’t be predicted and they could damage the reputation of the brand. They are, for example, a sudden change in the location or an accident occurred to the guest star of the night.

When it happens, it is necessary to show off strong communication and problem solving skills.

3 – What tools and softwares are recommended?

Nowadays, the event organizer is a versatile professional expert in so many markets and branches not only in the field of Communications. A complete and professional computer knowledge is fundamental as well as a proficiency in English language and an another foreign language at least.

Knowing graphics, social media tools, advertising platforms and web analytics is a plus and they allow he or she to manage better all the steps of events planning.

4 – What about the KPIs: how to measure them?

There are two different types of KPIs: quantitative and qualitative. They can be both measured even if it could be hard to measure the qualitative ones. For example, you can think about the online brand reputation.

An event manager knows that after a fashion show people talk about it wherever. Web sites as well as forums, blogs and social media are the first places where the manager scouts comments, reviews and opinions, so he or she is in charge to listen to the market and to monitor and analyze the online sentiment.

Quantitative KPIs are useful if you want to know the numbers of your show in terms of leads or sales, but if your goal is to enhance your reputation or to improve customers engagement, don’t forget to ask for more details about the qualitative KPIs.

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